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Fortice - Forza Fortice
Fortice - Forza Fortice


This phrase was born in the middle of the pandemic. It became our ‘call to arms’ as we worked those long hours supporting the Government and the UK public sector to provide talent to the teams behind the fight back.

Our brand new look reveals how far we have come in the last 15 years, and has allowed us to showcase more of who we are and what drives us.

As an emerging authority in tech recruitment we have given entrepreneurs, business owners and business leaders transformational tools and we’ve recruited teams that exceeded expectations. We have also helped the talented tech superstars of this generation find the type of projects where they can unleash their undoubted talent and leave a positive legacy.

At the heart of our brand is our continued commitment to add value. That’s why our new website includes a page with market leading insights and information to ensure you stay ahead in this fast paced environment. With a mixture of curated content and original thinking, we have designed a place to build a library of information to help you make the very best decisions for your career or clients.

Consulting with our team has never been easier, as you can reach out more easily than ever through our embedded chat feature, our growing social media presence or you can go ‘old school’ with direct email and telephone contacts.


We recognise that building something special takes exceptional people, we’ve likened it to climbing a mountain. It can be arduous at times, but with the right partner you can embrace the adventure.

Our permanent recruitment service has helped us to scale teams at pace, and during the pandemic we excelled as the public sector felt the pressure. Our measured approach allowed us to respond rather than react, keeping cool heads when other organisations appeared to lose theirs.

Our contract recruitment has continued to find the right people for the right season. These special operatives found the roles that transformed and supported those on the ground as the terrain grew more uncertain. Our key strength -having insider knowledge and connections- enabled us to mobilise specialists for unique missions in unforgiving conditions.

Fortice on call was birthed as a result of the fallout of the changes the country has recently undergone. With teams going remote and workplaces transformed with hybrid working, finding the right roles, setting expectations and navigating the challenge of retaining top talent needed a new approach. Fortice on call enables us to be on call, on your terms. We agree a retainer with you for your recruiting needs based on a longer term plan whether you are in scale or sustain modes. This flexibility to fix costs around a plan is helping tech leaders all over the UK find the right people with costs that they can predict.


Ultimately, everything rises and falls on leadership. If the last few years are anything to go by, the very best leaders are a rare breed. Finding leaders with both the right mindset and heartset are even harder to find as impact is as important as income.

The Fortice VIP stream is focussed on finding transformational leaders who understand new methodologies, generational differences and desire to leave a significant legacy. These catalysts are hard to find and even harder to pitch the next long term project to.

For a committed catalyst your project HAS to be ‘IT’ and you need a partner that knows these people who make purpose a priority. The very best projects demand the very best people and at Fortice we know where they are and what makes them want to climb another mountain, when others just admire the view.

Finally, we wanted to share our heart behind what we do. Steve, Alex and myself absolutely love investing our time, talent and treasure into two projects that are changing communities that the public sector is doing everything to support. These are The Break Free Program that targets holiday hunger by providing high-quality activities and free food for young people aged 8-13 and the Bristol Together Championships, helping children from Bristol primary schools in areas diverse in ethnicity, race, class, faith, and geography to connect and build friendships across perceived divides.

Fortice are helping tech teams and tech talent create the impact the UK public sector desperately needs while providing the next generation with hope and optimism for a brighter future in challenging conditions.
We believe that we are in the best place with the best team of change agents behind us to deliver on our promise.


It has been one heck of a journey and we are still climbing but we know the view at the top of the summit is going to be worth it and we want to take as many people with us as we can.

Thanks for reading.



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