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Permanent Recruitment

Fortice - Permanent recruitment
Fortice - Permanent recruitment

+ Permanent Recruitment

With a focus on what is important to you in your next role, our team are well positioned to discuss opportunities with you whether you’re looking for something in the public sector or private sector. Fortice have developed trust-based relationships with senior stakeholders in management consultancies, start ups, scale ups, defence primes and systems integrators. We can ensure a smooth and informed process from start to finish and you can expect a knowledgable and highly communicative service throughout.

Fortice - Permanent recruitment
Fortice - Permanent recruitment


The Fortice team invite you to trust us with the next steps of your journey. With a focus on what you are looking for and what’s important to you, our team will help you to explore a range of opportunities with consultancies, start-ups, SME’s, industry leaders, systems integrators and defence primes.

Whether your motivations are financial, technological or about work/life balance, perhaps your frustrated with your current setup or you want to be able to see the positive impact of your work, we are specialists in the active and passive markets and we will take the time to truly understand your drivers for change.

Fortice - Permanent recruitment

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Fortice - Permanent recruitment

Knowing what Engineers and Analysts of all levels are looking for, what motivates them to commit to the project and how to keep them interested, are all aspects of Fortice’s expertise and experience.

The new world of work requires a new level of flexibility, autonomy and feedback to maximise the potential of any candidate.

As a client looking to deliver under pressure, you need a knowledgeable team with whom you can collaborate and rely on, with a track record that allows you to set off with clarity.

As a leader, it isn’t about being the smartest person in the room any more, it’s about recruiting the right team who enable you to do everything ‘smarter’.

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