Demand for systems engineers remains strong, particularly within the security cleared government and defence sector. We at fortice are always pleased to speak with talented defence systems engineers – feel free to register your CV. If you’re a client looking for assistance with your systems engineering jobs, we have extensive experience in this sector, please get in contact to discuss how we could help you with your requirements. 

What is systems engineering?

With a widespread impact across many different industries, systems engineering is used every day – the list of applications is endless.

Systems engineers are influential in the design and development of advanced systems. Supporting design certification, systems engineers work with a range of specialist subject matter experts to deliver projects with a long life.

Bringing these projects into service, they facilitate the creation and management of a management plan, whilst ensuring the technical integrity of systems solutions. Excellent multi-tasking and strong client facing abilities are essential.

Systems engineers often utilise a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure client and stakeholder needs are met. Working to explore opportunities and document requirements, defence engineers work on systems for everything from Aerospace to Weapons.

Systems engineering is a structured approach to solving technical problems – integrating all the key elements of a system to achieve the necessary levels of performance.

Systems engineering jobs

Working with some of the most advanced organisations in the UK, we recruit for systems engineering jobs which are complex, interesting and highly skilled.

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Those who are members of INCOSE, or who possess an MBSc/BEng/MEng/MSc will always be in high demand within the secure sector – developing integral systems across both technical and human centred disciplines. An interdisciplinary approach is essential to those seeking work in engineering,

In addition to defence and aerospace, systems engineers are needed within information technology organisations and software development firms due to the way systems engineering principles can be applied to any system.  The purpose behind systems engineering tools may vary, but systems engineering thought processes can be applied to a variety of tasks, including database management, simulation and reasoning, and document production.


Key Systems Engineer Skills

MBSc | BEng | MEng | MSc

Strong communications skills are highly necessary – given that systems engineers must consistently communicate with clients and stakeholders. For security cleared systems engineering jobs, SC or DV level clearance is required.

For those with the right levels of experience and the necessary qualifications, systems engineering offers a challenge – designing and managing solutions before communicating them to key stakeholders. Responsible for the technical management, development, and acquisition of complex tech systems, systems engineers should possess an awareness of the risks and demands of corporate objectives.

Experience of architectural frameworks, such as MODAF or TOGAF will also be extremely desirable.

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